The journey to maths

December 22, 2014

Well it’s been a while since I posted here.

Started this blog when I was a music teaching student (doing my MTeach).

Still a music teacher. Just completed 12th year of high school music teaching. Finished the MTeach in 2010, graduated in 2011.

Experienced some downsizing at the end of 2012. Working part time, 0.7 of full time for 2013. Then upgraded slightly to 0.78 (believe it or not) this year. And still employed next year at 0.78.

Looking for longevity as a teacher, as I need to work for the foreseeable future. Retirement not an option. So I thought I’d add another teaching subject!
Maths is in demand everywhere it seems. I did maths at school level 1 HSC in 1975. So need to recover 40 years of not a lot of maths, then upgrade to university degree level, like a major or minor in maths.

So I’m embarking on a Grad Dip Mathematics at Charles Sturt University next year. Looks to be good. Have done some reading so far, and have signed up for their free bridging course.

Some success so far. Vacillate a little. Some days it seems daunting. Other days confident. Quadratics, getting the hang. More pre-calculus to come. Whoa! I did calculus back in the day. Slowly recovering pre-calc so far.

I don’t mean to give up music and arts teaching at all. On the contrary I love it.

Just that there may be limited opportunities in the future so hoping I can broaden my skills base while retaining my strengths and interest in inspiring students.

Anyway thought I’d log the journey here. Watch this space!

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