1. ‘Marcha d’Anton El Neñu’ by Felpeyu

Start with the wikipedia entry on Asturias. It’s called ‘Asturies‘ in the Asturian language.

For further information on the music of Felpeyu here are some starting points:

Felpeyu’s MySpace site is here, and it has up-to-date information, and streaming audio, including for ‘Marcha d’Anton El Neñu‘.

Felpeyu’s website in Asturian is here, and has some current info (but it’s in Asturian).

Felpeyu’s English language website is here, and it contains good information on the history of the band to 2006, but it hasn’t been updated since then – two of the founding band members, Ígor Medio and Carlos Redondo, were killed in a tragic road accident in mid-2006.

Some transcriptions of tunes by Felpeyu can be found on The Session, linked from this page.

There is quite a bit of Felpeyu on YouTube, including some footage of them playing on ABC-TV live in the early 2000s, here and here.

And here is a workshop at a folk festival in Poland from 2004, led by Felpeyu and introduced by the late Igor Medio.

Just search for ‘Felpeyu‘ in YouTube and you’ll see lots more live material right up to date.

One Response to “1. ‘Marcha d’Anton El Neñu’ by Felpeyu”

  1. KEVK Says:

    Appreciate the info. I saw this band at Port Fairy and they were great. By a great stroke of luck they played in my town on their tour and I got to meet them. Devastated to hear of the tragic accident.
    I’ve tried to buy a copy of Live Overseas but without success.

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