4. Resources for extending & connecting


Orchestral score (Mozart version, reproduction of 1797 version in contemporary notation):

A version which crossfades from the Mozart to an early Nyman version to a piano version to the Nyman live recording (visuals of Mozart, Nyman, various productions of Don Giovanni and Nyman band) – have a listen and give your take on the explanation in the middle (3:12 to 4:14) of this pastiche:

Catalogue aria: Metropolitan  Opera 2000 staged version.


The power of the cadence: An incomplete interview with composer Michael Nyman’ by Robert Davidson from Topology, Australian composonmg wkr

Two radio interviews from BBC radio 1984 are reproduced on this blog: the first one is here, and second interview starts with the original version of In Re Don Giovanni. He explains the piece from about 2:49 on:

In this interview Nyman gives overview of his composing for films of Peter Greenaway and Jane Campion (In Re and its impact discussed from 3:26 to 4:48). Lots of reflection on the interaction between composer and filmmaker, including dilemmas, ironies and contradictions in the process of creating art:

Expansion to other work of Nyman:

Nyman’s more familiar or popular soundtrack to Jane Campion’s film The Piano.

And his soundtrack to the bleak future dystopia portrayed in Gattacca.

And here is streaming audio of Michael Nyman’s String Quartet No 3 by the Del Sol Quartet in 2005, from the Live Music Archive.

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